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Social Media Workshop
5th February 2018

Presenters: Margaret Fiddes, Sherburn U3A and Liz Drury Communications Officer, National Office

Margaret Fiddes’ powerpoint is available for download here:-

Margaret’s Presentation

National Office experience

The national office use three social media applications:- Facebook, Twitter and youTube. The aim is to build a personality for the U3A nationally with a view to encouraging people to join a U3A.  Where possible the 3 applications and the national website refer to each other to create a joined up approach.

Recognising that most U3As would only have time to focus on one of these channels it was recommended that Facebook should be the one to concentrate on.

Types of Facebook Sites

  • a closed group that only invited members can access
  • a fan page which is open to the public

U3As such as Barnsley and Sherburn have closed groups.  Their prime aim is to provide a platform for social engagement in the context of the U3A.  As a by-product they also provide a channel for Trustees to communicate with a limited number of members.

Scarborough U3A run a public page with the aim of promoting their U3A.  See:-

Starting a Facebook Group

Barnsley regard their Facebook group of over 100 people as another interest group.  There needs to be a single administrator who monitors the contributions from members and occasionally will need to remove one.  They have developed a protocol to guide users towards acceptable behaviour.

You need to have a Facebook account to access a closed group and  members without one would probably need help with the setup, particularly to make the appropriate security settings.

The national office intends to publish advice on running a Facebook group and help for members who are setting up an account for the first time.

This synopsis written by Neil Stevens
5th February 2018