Forthcoming Events

Event Date Location Links
Share Good Ideas Workshop 22nd November St George’s Conference Centre Flyer & Register
Drax Power Station all visits are now full various dates YO8 8PH Drax Visit
Regional Development Meeting 22nd October St George’s Conference Centre RDM October 2019


Outcomes of Past Events

EventDateLink to Outcomes
Sharing Best PracticeNovember 2018 and 2017Best Practice
Beacon Seminar15th January 2018Seminar Outcomes
Regional Development18th January 2018RDM Jan 2018
Social Media5th February 2018Social Media
Creative Writing22nd March 2018Creative Writing
Succession Planning2nd May 2018Succession Planning
Regional Development20th September 2018RDM Sept 2018 Outcomes
Treasurers Workshop19th October 2018Outcomes
Regional Development10th January 2019RDM January 2019
AGM 201929th April 2019AGM 2019 Outcomes