As we slowly move out of Lockdown regulations, many of us are concerned about
how we will manage our groups and meetings in the future. Some members may long
for face-to-face meetings, whilst others are very reticent about leaving home and
socialising. Your YAHR committee would like to invite trustees and members of all
u3as in our region to this workshop highlighting this important issue.
The workshop will be presented by Liz Thackray who has shared her ideas already at
national level but has now offered to address an audience in Yorkshire. She will be
happy to answer questions and to discuss ideas so that this can hopefully be an
interactive and enlightening session; it is aimed at any concerned u3a members and
not only those with higher technical ability.
You may be interested to note that Liz has been nominated as a candidate for Chair
of the Trust, so this is a good opportunity to meet her.



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Here are the files and the link to Allan’s video of a small group hybrid set up. The link isĀ